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Chicken Sandwich - Lunch/Dinner Ordering

Boy I Love Losing Super Bowls


Crispy fried chicken tossed in house buffalo sauce, pepper jack cheese, buttermilk dressing, pickles, farm greens, tomato, red onion

Sides:French Fries Tator Tots +$1Onion Rings +$1Fresh Fruit +$1
Burger/Chicken Extras:Coleslaw +$1Bacon +$2.50Comeback +$0.50Gluten Free Bun +$3Onion +$0.50Lettuce +$1Avocado +$2Tomato +$0.50Green Chili +$1Jalapeños +$0.50Mushrooms +$1Burger Patty +$5Pickles +$0.50Meat, cheese, bun only Meat, bun only Side of Comeback +$0.50Side of Ranch +$0.50White American Cheese +$0.50Cheddar Cheese +$0.50Pepperjack Cheese +$0.50Whiz Cheese +$0.50Swiss cheese +$0.50BBQ +$0.50Pico +$0.50Chipotle aioli +$0.50Sriracha aioli Dijon aioli Honey Bun